WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence Pre-Review
Cannabis plant and cannabis resin
Section 5: Epidemiology
1.Industrial use
2. Non-medical use, abuse, and dependence
2.1 Non-medical cannabis use
2.1.1 Global and regional prevalence of cannabis use
2.2 Global and regional trends in cannabis use prevalence
2.3 General population studies from the systematic search
2.3.1 Self-medication
2.4 Epidemiological studies on THC content (cannabis potency)
2.5 Trends in cannabis potency
2.5.1 Wastewater analyses of cannabis potency
2.5.2 Potency measured from cannabis samples (herbal, resin, extract, tinctures)
2.5.3 THC in other populations
2.6 Cannabis use disorders
2.6.1 Global and regional prevalence of cannabis use disorders
2.6.2 Global trends in prevalence for cannabis use disorders
2.6.3 Risk of cannabis use disorder among cannabis users
2.6.4 Data quality and consistency of epidemiological data
3. Nature and magnitude of public health problems related to misuse, abuse and dependence
3.1 Overview of cannabis-attributable and cannabis-related harm
3.2 Quantifying cannabis-attributable harm
3.3 Harm to others
3.4 Cannabis exposure among public-health relevant vulnerable and special populations
3.5 THC concentration while driving under the influence of cannabis
4. Licit production, consumption, international trade
4.1 Medical cannabis programs
5. Illicit manufacture and traffic
6. References
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